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    Jbpm mapping file issue

    Olivier Debels Newbie


      When deploying jbpm.jar in a jboss environment we saw the following issue popping up.

      In the hibernate mapping files a typedef is used (string_max), which is only specified in hibernate.queries.hbm.xml. Other mapping files are using this typedef (Comment, Timer,...).

      This has as consequence that the hibernate.queries.hbm.xml mapping file must be read before the other, otherwise you get exceptions like:

      org.hibernate.MappingException: Could not determine type for: string_max, for columns: [org.hibernate.mapping.Column(DESCRIPTION_)]
      at org.hibernate.mapping.SimpleValue.getType(SimpleVa lue.java:265)

      Hibernate is at this moment not smart enough to determine the order based on typedefs, so jbpm mapping files must be robust enough to handle this.

      What is a good solution for this? Repeating the typedef in all files where it is needed is a possibility.

      Any thoughts?


      Any ideas?