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    jBPM and Eclipse JWT Project

    Thomas Sandor Newbie


      I've found on the eclipse site, that it's incubating a new Java Workflow Tooling project :).

      Koen Aers is also a member of (at least) the [xpdl] and/or [metamodel] workgroup. JWT will use XPDL as its workflow language (along with BPEL for the business processes). Near the end of this year, JWT will show us a sample engine integration on JWT's WE and WAM APIs, so I'm curious if jBPM is considering an XPDL frontend for its workflow engine?

      Koen, can you provide some details on the integration of jBPM and JWT in the future?


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          Koen Aers Master

          Hi Thomas,

          I am sure that some exciting things will happen in the near future indeed. As you may know, jBPM was build from the beginning with multi language support in mind. Supporting XPDL seems a logical step, isn't it?
          As for the JWT, it is also a logical step to cooperate with this project as it is aimed to do on the tooling side what jBPM is doing on the runtime side: provide support for multiple languages.


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            Thomas Sandor Newbie

            Hi Koen,

            Thanks for the response.
            My company is evaulting jBPM and we love its framework, but we'd like to use it with XPDL. Before we think of implementing it onto jBPM, is there any kind of progress there on your side? So we shoud not start from scratch. Also, with which version will you start: XPDL 1 or 2.0 (seems promising)?

            I've seen Enyhdra Shark's implementation, and found that they also have a Wf-XML/ASAP service frontend (Interface 4 - Interoperability). Is it on the roadmap for jBPM?

            Thanks for your answers.

            Kind regards,