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    deployment in JBoss

    Bill Burke Master

      I would like to write a JBoss Deployer for jBPM. Basically it would work like this:

      1) Create a table:

      create table PROCESS_DEF_HASHES(
      name VARCHAR,
      hashcode long

      2) Read the XML file. Create a MD5 hash of the file.
      3) select * from PROCESS_DEF_HASHES where name="pd name of file" AND hashcode = MD5 hash
      4) If query returns anything, do nothing and return
      5) Create new Process Definition
      6) Search to see if any old Process Definitions have Instances. If not, delete all the old ones, keep the ones that have process instances.

      Sound cool? Then you wouldn't have to have an ANT step and could create bundled, scoped .jbpm archives like we do for EJB, EAR, WAR, ESB, HAR, etc...