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    Scheduled TaskInstances within a ProcessInstance?

    perrylucas Newbie

      Our company is considering JBPM as a replacement for our current workflow management software (built in-house), but it seems to be missing a vital piece! Here's the scenario:

      We need to assign several stateful properties, including Estimated Man Hours, Actual Man Hours, Due Date, etc to our Tasks/TaskInstances so that we can plan employees' workloads over the lifetime of a ProcessInstance. Upon creation of a ProcessInstance, however, only the first TaskInstance is available as only it is active... This obviously makes it impossible to do any kind of planning!

      I have searched on the forum and have found many related topics but nothing that really hit home here, so before telling my boss that JBPM simply doesn't meet the requirements here, I'd like to know if anyone else has had the need and found a way to do this.