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    No action triggered on Ubuntu

    smichea Newbie

      In a previous post I said we spent a lot of time with jpbm's transitions on Jboss4.0.5GA+EJB3+jbossws1.2SP1

      We eventually managed to make it work (at least it seems) by patching with the correction proposed for bug 853 and 854.

      Now we arrive to another problem : on Linux (ubuntu) no action is triggered on "node-enter" inside a decision node, but it works on XP (same jdk and clone of the whole jboss structure and DB).
      Since we persist the process definition in mysql and the DB on linux is Mysql5 whereas it is mysql4 on WinXP we tried to cross connect the apps and DB with no effet, so database is not the concern.

      We also thought about :
      - environment variables... doesn't seem so
      - different deployment history on servers : nope (same behavior when deleting tmp dir)

      We almost have no idea to go further... we'll try Redhat...