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    A number of jBPM questions

    Mr. Ortega Newbie


      I'm currently investigating the possibility to utilize jBPM in our company's project. So I have a few questions regarding this framework.

      1.How does one setup a simple workflow? Describe some standard scenarios with examples

      2.What kind of scalability does JBoss provide?

      2a. Is it possible to setup multiple work item processors on a single machine?

      2b. Is it possible to have the workflow setup across multiple machines or in a cluster?

      2c. How is the deployment of multiple processors on a single machine/ across multiple machines managed?

      3.What are the options to visualize the state/status of each work item processor or the work items themselves? Can custom UIs be built to display status?

      4.Is it possible to build standalone apps that can independently pick work items, process them and push the results back to the workflow?

      5.How are manual steps incorporated in the workflow?

      6.Is there a way to remotely deploy and manage the system through a single console?

      7.What is the CPU/memory footprint of a skeletal deployment?

      8.What are the basic system requirements for a deployment?

      9.What are the supported databases for the workflow and which are the most commonly used ones for enterprise deployments?

      10.What are the standard testing strategies for a workflow?

      11.What is the dependence of the JBPM to the JBoss application server?

      Sorry if my questions list looks quite big, but all these questions are quite critical for the decision.

      Thanks in advance for all your answers!