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    TaskNodes ignored by JBPM

    Daniel Möller Newbie


      I use JPBM 3.1.4 in JBoss AS 4.0.4. I copied the jbpm.sar and my configured data source from the starters kit 3.1.4 into JBoss AS 4.0.4.
      My problem is the following. I built a minimal application that creates a ProcessInstance by the "the baby process"-definition (start node, 1 task node, end node) from the examples and gives signals and the node names after that. When I deploy it to the starters kit AS, it works fine. Every node is entered and the task instance ist created and assigned. In my AS 4.0.4 the task node ist completely ignored and the token goes directly to the end node after one signal.
      Does anyone know, what could be the cause of this problem? Due to the fact I use the same jbpm.sar and data source in both I guess I made a mistake by setting up the AS or there ist a kind of incompatibility.