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    (NOTE: In JBPM 3.2)Decison nodes - trivial issues - help req

    Yashvanth Giriyappa Newbie

      Hi All ...
      (Note: I am working with JBPM 3.2)

      I am not able to get the decision node make a proper decision based on static values or the task variables by defining the conditions in the decision node(processdefinition.xml file).
      (I could get this working using a handler class to make my decisions,though)

      I expect this to be a trivial issue.I am posting this after searching the forum trying out different things and for some reasons not able to get this thro.

      USE CASE:-
      step1: Am reading 2 variables in a task node.
      step2: I have a decision node.Where,based on the values of variables I need to take any of the three paths.

      <decision name="DN_P1CompareP2">
       <transition name="TN_P1LesserP2" to="TN_P1LesserP2">
       <condition><![CDATA[#{P1 < P1}]]></condition>
       <transition name="TN_P1GreaterP2" to="TN_P1GreaterP2">
       <condition><![CDATA[#{P1 > P1}]]></condition>
       <transition name="TN_P1EqualsP2" to="TN_P1CompareP2Else">

      Somehow ... always it takes the first transition.This means the conditions are not getting evaluated properly.

      Note:- As it was mentioned by Ronald in one of the threads ... I have defined the type of the variables P1 and P2 as "Integer" in the form.xhtml

      I am fighting for 3 days to know where I have gone wrong.
      Please let me know how to describe the decision using static values or process/task variables in the decision node.

      Thanks in advance.