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    VariableInstance - Reverse mapping to ProcessInstance ???

    Richard Tomlinson Newbie

      Against each process instance I store N variableInstance values. I need to query to retrieve the process instances, joining with multiple variableInstances (E.g get me all process instances where they have a variableinstance of 'doctype=foo' and a variable instance of 'owner=bar').

      This is possible with HQL and joins, however I need to use Hibernate Criteria to allow better dynamic search building.

      Looking at the Hibernate mappings, ProcessInstance has a Map to VariableInstance. However, VariableInstance has no reverse mapping to ProcessInstance, even though the table contains a FK to it.

      Is this an oversight on the mappings or was there a reason for this?

      If there is no valid reason not to have it then is it worth raising a JIRA (No JIRA for this is currently raised).