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    hwo to create and register own Node to jbpm ?

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      I want to create a custom Node and register it to jbpm.

      my new node is derived from TaskNode, because i want dynamically create tasks depend on variables in map of context.

      the following steps i have done but my junit tests do not work.

      1. create new java class derived from tasknode. only execute method was changed

      2. register in nodes.types.xml

      3. write own DynamicTaskNode.hbm.xml copied from TaskNode.hbm.xml

      If I now want to deploy a process-definition with my new node following exception is thrown.

      ... SIGNAL ( use insert="false" or update="false" instead).
      The message may be a bit similar, as I do not remember the thrown exception.

      Who can help me or show me a tutorial to register own nodes ?