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    Is this a bug/weird coding/am I reading this wrong?

    Peter Ottomanelli Newbie

      I am looking at the code for JbpmConfiguration.java, specifically the getInstance(String resource) method. It appears that even if you pass in a specific resource (filename) it will STILL attempt to use the defaults at first.

      public static JbpmConfiguration getInstance(String resource) {
       JbpmConfiguration instance = null;
       synchronized(instances) {
       if (resource==null) {
       resource = "jbpm.cfg.xml";
       instance = (JbpmConfiguration) instances.get(resource);
       if (instance==null) {
       if (defaultObjectFactory!=null) {
       log.debug("creating jbpm configuration from given default object factory '"+defaultObjectFactory+"'");
       instance = new JbpmConfiguration(defaultObjectFactory);
       } else {
       try {
       log.info("using jbpm configuration resource '"+resource+"'");
       InputStream jbpmCfgXmlStream = ClassLoaderUtil.getStream(resource);
       ObjectFactory objectFactory = parseObjectFactory(jbpmCfgXmlStream);
       instance = createJbpmConfiguration(objectFactory);
       } catch (RuntimeException e) {
       throw new JbpmException("couldn't parse jbpm configuration from resource '"+resource+"'", e);
       instances.put(resource, instance);
       return instance;

      this line
      ObjectFactory objectFactory = parseObjectFactory(jbpmCfgXmlStream);

      Goes to the method
       protected static ObjectFactory parseObjectFactory(InputStream inputStream) {
       log.debug("loading defaults in jbpm configuration");
       ObjectFactoryParser objectFactoryParser = new ObjectFactoryParser();
       ObjectFactoryImpl objectFactoryImpl = new ObjectFactoryImpl();
       objectFactoryParser.parseElementsFromResource("org/jbpm/default.jbpm.cfg.xml", objectFactoryImpl);
       if (inputStream!=null) {
       log.debug("loading specific configuration...");
       objectFactoryParser.parseElementsStream(inputStream, objectFactoryImpl);
       return objectFactoryImpl;

      Now it looks like it attempts to build the entire configuration from the default.jbpm.cfg.xml file which is giving me that Message.hbm.xml error What the hell is Message.hbm.xml? WHERE DO I USE IT? (see my other post!!!)

      Wouldn't it be better form to try the inputStream first, then if that fails, try to load the default?