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    Understanding an asyncronous subflow ...

    Yashvanth Giriyappa Newbie

      Hi All ...

      I was trying to understand and build a asyncronous subflow.

      My idea was to make the subflow to send a mail asyncronously.

      So I built a WF as below ...

      <<Mainflow "MyAsyncWFTest" starts>>
      1. Start
      2. Task1 - Read a variable P1

      3. Process State - Call "SendMail" Subflow to send a mail (ASYNCRONOUSLY)

      4. Task2 - Display variable P1
      5. End
      <<Mainflow ends>>

      I have a subflow like this ...
      <<Subflow "SendMail" starts>>
      3.1 - Task31 - Do something before sending a mail
      3.2 - Task32 - Send Mail using mail action
      3.3 - Task31 - Do something after sending a mail
      <<Subflow ends>>

      I thought by this,I can continue with my main workflow(Task2) even before the subflow returns to the main flow(when the subflow is active and has not returned to the main flow)
      But... I am able to execute the step Task2 in the main workflow only after the mailjing subflow has completed and returned to the main flow.

      Is my understanding right??Please provide clarification.
      Thanks in advance.