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    rich:calendar dataModel

    Alireza Salimi Newbie

      Our team in a software development company is going to switch to RichFaces
      and we are comparing RichFaces features with other Ajax enabled frameworks.
      One problem which I have is the rich:calendar.

      There is a requirement for being able to internationalize the calendar, so
      all presentations of calendar items (months, days, etc.) must be able
      to be changed. I found that rich:calendar already has some attributes
      for this purpose such as monthLabels or dataModel. monthLabels
      does not solve all problems because there are some calendars
      (such as those which are used in Middle-East) that are totally different
      with Julian calendar. For example January would be the 10th month
      in those calendars.

      I thought that maybe dataModel attribute might help solving this problem,
      but it seems that it does not working and the getData() method of corresponding
      CalendarDataModel is not called. So I was not able to see if it could help
      or not.

      Unfortunately I have not found any document or code sample related
      to rich:calendar that could help in this regard. Does anybody can suggest
      useful links about rich:calendar.

      Thanks in advance