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    administrator swimlane(user) in jbpm-webapp

    Sanket Shirodkar Newbie


      i am using jbpm starters kit 3.1.4
      currently there are 4 users configured (ernie,cookie monster,bert,grover).
      i am planning to have an administrator who can have access to all the tasks assigned to any of the 4 users.

      can anyone help me as to how do i go about this

      what i was planning is to create another user by the name of administrator and than assign the administrator to all the swimlanes along with the specific user for that particuler task.
      but i am not sure what expression i should provide while defining the swimlane in the processdefintion.xml file. i tried this expression "user(ernie,administrator)" but it gives me an error.

      can anyone help me as to how i can do it?