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    Transition Exception Handling with Tasks

    kaisor sc Newbie

      I am using jbpm 3.1.2.

      suppose there are two tasks.
      Task-A with actor-A
      Task-B with actor-B.
      Transition t from task-A to Task-B.

      i add an actionHandler in this transition t.
      At beginning, actor A has a task and triggers the transition t.

      If there is no exception-handler defined and this actionhandler throws an exception, then actor-B receive no new task and actor-A lost this task.

      so i add an default exception-handler which does nothing indeed. And now if the actionhandler throws exceptions, actor B will receive a new TaskInstance. TaskA of Actor A will be closed.

      but what i really want is in case the actionhandler throws exception, the actor A should still hold the task, and Actor B by no means receives any new tasks.

      How can I achieve this?

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          Vt Ysh Newbie

          Try to process an exception in your application while you are ending taskInstance. With session transaction mechanism you able to rollback it if ending of task fails. But i don't know how to correctly close JbpmContext after rollback, because default close method begin to throw exceptions after performing of it.

          Transaction transaction=jbpmContext.getSession().getTransaction();
          }catch(Excepton e)