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    Actions behavior

    Ricardo Marques Novice

      Hi all

      I've read about the Actions but I'm here width some questions, that i appreciate some feedback:

      Can a action accept arguments and variables?

      Is an action always associated with a process, or i could have the same action for various process deployed? Can i retrieve the list of Actions avaiable?

      From a Action instance from a certain process, can I access to another process instance?


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          Johan Parent Newbie

          Hi Ricardo,

          The execution method of the ActionHandler interface has an ExecutionContext parameter. You can use that to pass values to your action handler using process variables. Think of as a per process blackboard ;)

          You can define process-wide actions as well as actions bound to exceptions, transitions and tasks (although I think these actions can be referenced from anywhere withint the same process too, gurus is that correct?).

          Access the list of actions: yes with getRuntimeActions()

          Get access to other processes? I guess with:


          Hope this helps


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            Ricardo Marques Novice

            Thanks it helped :)