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    jBMP for SOA

    Vinicius Carvalho Apprentice

      Hello there! I've restarted the idea to use jBPM in a SOA project. I'm struggling against jBPM for a LOOONG time, far more time than anyone would care for a product, I guess. Today I need to decide if we either use IBM SOA products or shall we keep with JBoss products (believe me, I'm really trying to convince the CIOs about jboss but so far...)
      Well, I wasn't able to get Seam 1.2.1 + jBPM 3.2 to run side by side. So I've downgraded to 3.1.4. Ok, my app is working, now i need to get the console working (the only reason my CIOs are giving me the chance to use jBMP is the console). I've deployed the jbpm.war application but it complains about the hibernate.cfg.xml. So I tried to deploy the jbpm.sar and I get an strange DOMException :(
      I've searched the wiki and could not find an way to deploy the console on a separate jboss not the one at starters kit.

      Also, I'm pretty concerned with the idea of having one session factory per application that needs to use the process and to have the code of my ActionHandlers replicated across every single application that uses it.

      Maybe jBPM is not the right tool, and I'm asking too much of it.

      Any hints, suggestions, ideas on how to get the jbpm console on a separate instance?


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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          The jbpm webconsole of version 3.2 has never been tested with 3.1.x in any way. There has never been any guarantee that it would/should work. So if that is your issue, unfortunately you are on your own. All the errors you get have most likely never been seen by others, and the jBPM core team has currently no intentions to try to backport the webconsole.

          Deploying the webconsole on a different jboss instance is no different from deploying the full jbpm engine since the console needs the core.

          The actionhandlers do not need to be deployed in each process, they can be deployed separately but if you do it on a packaging level there is not much overhead, at least for us there isn't.

          If I were you, I'd focus on/pushing for seam to be compatible with jbpm 3.2

          You are not asking to much of jbpm/seam, but what you are trying to do is put a ferrari engine on a lamborgini chassis and use a porsche bodywork.

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            Vinicius Carvalho Apprentice

            thanks, I've solved most of the issues, but one that's not connected to jbpm, but the UCL :(
            I'm seeking help/guidance on the AS forum, even call-by-value is not helping me so far.

            BTW: Would you know why the MBean was discontinued on 3.2? I've created my own and we intend to use that way (one single remote jbpmConfiguration). I'm adding few methods like un-deploy process, list the number of process, number of instances per process, some metrics we need for a very few/raw/simple KPIs.