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    JBPM Persistence Implementaion Using DB2 db

    Meiyazhagan Arthanri Newbie


      I have executed the "HelloWorldDbTest" example, given in JBPM 3.2 Guide. But it shows "org.jbpm.JbpmException: no jbpm tx service configured" error for Hypersonic in-memory database. But in realtime we are going to store the ProcessInsataces in DB2 Database.

      Hence I need following giudes.

      1.Step by step procedure to cofigure JBPM 3.2 with DB2 Database with example(hibernate.cfg.xml,jbpm.cfg.xml)
      2.Which server is best for deploying the JBPM project and How to deploy in that Server Guide?
      3.Example programs for persistence implementation.

      it is an urgent one