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    Deploy multiple sub-processes / Dynamic fork

    Andreas Mavrides Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have been reading on this subject for quite a while now and I am still unclear on how I should approach this.

      I want to have a main process definition which deploys n instances of another process definition. This number is dynamic. After deploying the new process instances I want my coordinator to wait for them to finish before it finishes. My questions are:

      - Is there a way to keep track of the deployed process instances without using JMS?

      - How will I keep my state-node in a wait state until the sub-processes finish, without using anything like Object.wait() since they may take up to several days to finish? i.e. I'd like this to be done asynchronously.

      This issue could be treated as a sort of Dynamic Fork which has been discussed before but I haven't found a complete solution to it. In this case, how would I implement a Join node that waits for this dynamic number of sub-processes/children to finish?

      Any suggestions are appreciated.