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    JbpmSession deprecated or not?

    Ricardo Marques Novice


      This is my scenario, please correct me if it's wrong. I have a main class that start's my engine with the code:

      private JbpmConfiguration jbpmConfiguration = null;
      private JbpmContext jbpmContext = null;
      this.jbpmConfiguration = JbpmConfiguration.getInstance();
      this.jbpmContext = jbpmConfiguration.createJbpmContext();

      Then if needed, other classes access jbpmContext by a get() method.

      For example I and to do a query to the engine to retrive the instances running of one process. I have look for some info on the forum and most of the times, the connection is made by a:

      JbpmSession session = JbpmFactory.getInstance.openJbpmConnection();

      Well when i read the javadocs about this, it has the following info:

      Deprecated. use org.jbpm.tc.ContextBuilder and org.jbpm.tc.db.JbpmSessionContext instead.

      When I look for these classes on the Javadocs I can't find then, neither on jbpm 3.2 jars.

      So my questions are:

      - Is my approach to launching the service, and connection the service is correct?

      - Should I use JbpmSession? Is it deprecated ? What's the alternative?