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    problem in retrieving multiple actorIds

    Naseem Khan Newbie


      I have a process definition where I have a fork. From that fork, there are two task nodes, each task node is having a task. I have already assigned task1 and task 2 to say bert and grover respectively by swimlanes.

      Now In the browser, I am getting message....

      New tasks have been assigned to: null, null

      I checked the source code of TaskBean.

      if (assignmentLogs.size() == 1) {
       TaskAssignLog taskAssignLog = (TaskAssignLog) assignmentLogs.get(0);
       JsfHelper.addMessage("A new task has been assigned to '" + taskAssignLog.getTaskNewActorId() + "'");
       } else if (assignmentLogs.size() > 1) {
       String msg = "New tasks have been assigned to: ";
       Iterator iter = assignmentLogs.iterator();
       while (iter.hasNext()) {
       TaskAssignLog taskAssignLog = (TaskAssignLog) iter.next();
       msg += taskAssignLog.getActorId();
       if (iter.hasNext())
       msg += ", ";
       msg += ".";

      I found that when task node is just one, then its working fine. Problem I am facing is when there are two task nodes each task is assigned to an actor, then I am getting null, null. It means else part is not working correctly.

      Can anyone tell me what is the reason?