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    BPEL: adding an element to an array?

    Frank Zartmann Newbie


      is there a way to add an element to an array in a BPEL-program?
      In the bpel-engine from oracle there exists a function


      for this purpose.

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          Asiye AYDIN Newbie

          I have same problem. I am writing an extension function to get a variable(string array type) and add a string value to the end of the array.
          add2Set(arrVar, 'testStr')
          I get a List from call function's first argument but it is always empty. When I add an element to list and return, no set occurs in list.

          <from expression="add2Set(arrVar, 'testStr')"/>

          Another problem is I can not use query="/part/items[0]" type queries, [] are not accepted and predicate can not be used exception is given by jbpm.
          If anyone find a way to set a value to array, please mail me also.
          Asiye AYDIN