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    Tutorial: Modeling BPEL with Eclipse BPEL Designer and jBPM


      since I had some Problems in the beginning with the Eclipse BPEL Designer and the jBPM BPEL extension, I made some short movies how to use these tools.

      These movies show how to develop a simple BPEL workflow with the Eclipse BPEL designer. This test process is called PLANETS, which is a project I was evaluating the tools for. The process invokes two simple Web Services (DROID and MigrateService) and assigns parameters. The invoked Web Services are external Services retrieved via the Eclipse Web Service Explorer from a UDDI and imported to the project.

      I used the the environment of the jBPM BPEL extension 1.1Beta3 and put all files in the examples folder, in order to use the build-environment (the ant-tasks) to deploy and create all artifacts.

      In this example I used the Eclipse BPEL Designer 0.2 and jBoss AS 4.0.5!

      Also thanks to agus for answering all my stupid questions in this forum to create this tutorial.

      And here are the links to the Flash-Movies:









      I hope you finde these links usefull!

      Cheers Rainer