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    How to deal with complex Action children (configInfoElements

    John Ruud Newbie

      Our custom actions are able to process complex (nested) children like in the example below (the parent... stuff):

      <node name="Cancel Bill">
       <action class="MyAction">

      However, I'm a little confused as to how GD 3.1 deals with these complex elements (we're currently using the XML editor to modify them, but plan on adding custom property pages).

      Assuming I understand correctly, children of Delegation subclasses like Action are stored in a configInfoElements collection. However, I get the feeling that ConfigInfoElement may possibly not have been designed to deal with complex elements (for example because: ConfigInfoElementDomAdapter.doModelAdd(XmlAdapter) seems to be intentionally ignoring any children).

      In order to support complex structues like those above, does it make sense to try to make it work with the ConfigInfoElement approach (and extending it if necessary), or should I rather create my own semantic element and xml adaper to deal with the complex Action children? (any pointers on this would be very helpful!)

      Thanks, John