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    Tidy parser trimming the space

    Balachandran V Newbie

      I have an issue with the tidy parser.I am using a4j-1.1.0, myfaces 1.1.5 and tomahawk 1.1.5.I have a textarea component in one of the screens and whenever the surrounding form is submitted through an ajax action one leading or trailing space is stripped from the value of the text area.For eg if the value has five trailing spaces then after save action the responce has only four spaces.The number of spaces is getting reduced by one on each subsequent save.
      I tried using FastFilter which rectifies this issue but my page layout is getting distorted.I also tried modifying the tidy.properties file inside the a4j jar to give 'literal-attributes=true', but no change.

      Is there any other way to solve this issue ?
      Please suggest the right approach to be followed in making my pages XHTML complaint ? I think the markup generated by the myfaces/tomahawk components does not comply wih XHTML.

      I am currently not in a position to migrate to richfaces.

      Thanks in advance