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    No timer allowed in start-state (jBpm 3.2) ?

    Roland Huss Newbie


      according to the Schema for JPDL 3.2, there is no timer allowed
      in the start-state:

      <xs:element name="start-state">
       <xs:choice minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded">
       <xs:element ref="description" />
       <xs:element ref="task"/>
       <xs:element ref="transition"/>
       <xs:element ref="event"/>
       <xs:element ref="exception-handler"/>
       <xs:attribute name="name" type="xs:string"/>

      This was allowed in 3.1.

      Is this correct, and if yes, why is a timer not allowed in the start state (at least according to the XSD) ?