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    ordering transitions executions of a fork node

    Bill Pattchen Newbie

      I would like to order transitions of a fork node.Considering the following listing:

      <node name="one">
       <action class="usingjbpm.Action1"/>
       <transition to="forkTransition"/>
       <fork name="forkTransition">
       <transition name="t2" to="two" />
       <transition name="t3" to="three" />
       <event type="node-enter">
       <action class="usingjbpm.ForkTest"/>
       <node name="three" >
       <action class='usingjbpm.Action3' />
       <transition to="two"/>
       <node name="two" >
       <action class='usingjbpm.Action2' />
       <transition to="end" />

      I would like that transition t2 be executed before transition t3.
      I put them in that order in the process definition file, but transition t3 is always executed firstly.

      What should I do?

      Thanks in advance,