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    multiple engines

    Matthew Sandoz Newbie

      i am new to jbpm. are there any problems with multiple copies of jbpm running against the same database? will there be any state inconsistencies?

      also what would be the preferred method of having jms clients act as the workers for various nodes? heres my scenario:

      1. client submits a flow and creates an instance of it.
      2. the flow contains some kind of node that indicates it should perform some action given certain data
      3. a jms message is sent out so that some listening processor can do the processing and return the variables in another jms message
      4. the flow continues

      would i best put together a new node type or custom handler? is there something built-in that will handle this? also i was looking at my installation and didnt see any jbpm ejb client examples - is there another package somewhere for those?