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    JBPM getCurrentContext

    German Barros Newbie

      Hi all, I'm getting an exception while trying to lookup the jbpmConfiguration. I'm doing that from an external web app.
      I need extra configuration ?

      Here, my code thnks !!!!

      protected JbpmConfiguration getJbpmConfiguration() throws Exception {
      if (this.conf == null){
      JbpmConfiguration config = null;
      String jndiName = null;
      Context ctx = new InitialContext();

      // Get jndi name for jbpm configuration

      jndiName = "java:/jbpm/JbpmConfiguration";
      config = (JbpmConfiguration)ctx.lookup(jndiName);
      this.conf = config;
      return this.conf;

      The exceptions ocurrs when doing lookup.
      If i do a


      I get a ClassNotFoundException org.jbpm....