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    Getting a list of the process variables in a process instanc

    Jon Lachelt Newbie

      From outside of a process instance I want to get visibility into the current state of a process instance (e.g. what are its process variables and their values). For some context? I am showing a list of the process instances, but want to give the client more than just the instance id, process name, start time, end time, etc. I want to give more info that identifies this process instance (to a user) ? which would come from variables in the process instance.

      I found that I can get the root token for a process instance, and then construct an ExecutionContext from that which lets me get a variable. This seems sort of overkill. I don?t want to do execution at this point? I just want to see into the process instance. Is this the only/recommended way to do what I want?

      Also, is it possible to get a list of the Process Variables in the process instance? I?ve only found the ExecutionContext.getVariable() method ? for which I need to know the name of a specific variable I am interested in.