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    Request for comment: Whitespace and line-ending preservation

    Edward Staub Expert

      I'm planning to JIRA this if no one has any counter-arguments.

      The current Script implementation collapses script whitespace and eliminates line-endings in scripts - even when within a !CDATA. I believe this is often bad and never good, apart from trivial optimization.

      Line-ending preservation is necessary for use of // comments.

      Whitespace and line-ending preservation are useful for script compiler error messages that call out a line and column position of the error.
      These positions are meaningless if space has been collapsed and line-endings removed.

      I happen to be experimenting with using other script languages (especially Groovy) for which line endings are meaningful. You probably don't care about that, though!

      The fix is easy: in Script.read(), replace both occurrences of getTextTrim() with getText().

      Any thoughts?

      -Ed Staub