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    Exception Handling in Nodes

    Jason Greiner Newbie

      I have a question on Exception Handling in Nodes. When you have some nodes that are doing database updates/inserts and the update or insert fails the JBPM Process Instance stays stuck on that node. Basically any exception that may occur in a nodes action handler. Please note that these are not Task Nodes.

      Somehow I need to move the process to a Task Node or Wait State so a user could look at the exception (database down, database full, or bad code) and take the appropriate action.

      Hopefully that describes the situation clearly. My question is what is the best practice here. Couple of my ideas are....

      1) Cancel that process instance and start a new process instance for exceptions of this type (ones that happen inside of action handlers).

      2) Create a Task Node to act as a bucket for these exceptions. (If I do this I would like to avoid having transitions from every node to this one)

      3) Create Exception Handlers. (Really not sure how this works only doc I found on this was a small blurb in the user doc)

      Just wanted to see what direction people are taking with these types of exceptions.