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    jPDL subprojects

    Tom Baeyens Master

      jPDL bundles many components like e.g.

      * a task management component
      * an identity component
      * a business calendar
      * ... and maybe a couple more.

      Currently, these components are pluggable, but they are not targetted to be used outside the scope of jPDL/jBPM.

      With a little bit of extra effort, we could make these individual subprojects. In that case they would be usable individually. Of course, that would introduce a bit more separation between the components, whereas now, they are coupled more tightly.

      We can still produce a suite that bundles all the components.

      What do you think ?

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          Tom Baeyens Master

          This was actually inteded to be a poll:

          Do you think it's wise to make the jPDL components identity and task management separately available outside the context of a jPDL deployment ?

          * Yes, I would consider using the task management or identity component in my project.

          * No, I will probably only use them in combination with jPDL.

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            Luca Botti Newbie

            Hi Tom,

            first of all, I wish to thank you for the effort you are doing with the Jbpm project.

            Also, i could say yes, i would be interested in some out of the box component which could be used in my own applications, as a subproject of jPDL.

            But i also need to affirm that I think the development efforts should be directed elsewhere.
            Personally I would like to see a working build system ( i am working on a maven build which i will add in the Jira), improved documentation, a clear direction for source code downloading, some discussion on jPDL (sub process binding only at deployment time? are we kidding?), and, last but not least, some announcement regarding new releases (hello, jbpm 3.2 is here, anyone noticed? not from the project's page).

            So yeah, i feel jbpm sub projects could be interesting, but they do not help me selling it to my customers.

            Just my thought , through.