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    Task variable assignement with hibernate objects does not wo

    Harald Strack Newbie


      when I assign a hibernated object to task like this

       <variable name="domain" access="read"></variable>

      I can access the domain object when working with the task and it is of type Domain. But only if there was no waitstate before the task in the process. When there is a wait state in the process, and the process gets signalled, entering a task in a later node the domain object appearently is of type boolean and not of type Domain anymore!

      The process (the token) still has a Domain object assigned (JBPM_VARIABLEINSTANCE.CLASS_ is H), but the Taskinstance has a boolean domain object assigned (JBPM_VARIABLEINSTANCE.CLASS_ is B). I checked this with other variable names and so on, to be sure it is not a bug in my actionhandlers.

      Is this a known issue?