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    Updating processdefinition.xml

    M K Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am trying to update an existing processdefinition.xml by adding a decision-node to it. Accesing it and adding the node works fine but I do not find a way how to transform the process definition from the java object model back to the XML representation. Unfortunately there is no method like processDefinition.saveAsXml(String location) or similar.

      My current code looks like this:

      ProcessDefinition processDefinition = ProcessDefinition.parseXmlInputStream(new FileInputStream("src/main/jpdl/DecisionProcess/processdefinition.xml"));
      Node creationNode = proDefinition.getNode("Creation");
      Node appNode = proDefinition.getNode("Approvement");
      Decision decisionNode = new Decision("check");
      Transition toCheck = creationNode.getDefaultLeavingTransition();
      Transition toNext = new Transition();

      Does anyone have an idea how to save the process definition to processdefinition.xml again? And, if so, maybe you also have a clue how to then make the belonging process picture (processimage.jpg) being updated so that the newly inserted decision node will be visible on it?

      Many Thanks in advance!
      Best regards,