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    Date questions

    Jean-Louis Rastapoc Newbie


      I want to have an action launched the 15th and the last day of each month :
      15/02, 28/02, 15/03, 31/03... etc. So it repeats after 13, 15, 16... days depending on the month.

      I tried lots of things and I don't see how to do it.
      First I tried with the calendar but it seems like it doesn't allow me to do these sort of things... am I wrong?

      I tried to create a new timer each time for the next date but failed somewhere in changing duedates (I'll try again today though).

      Do you see a better way I'm missing?

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          The jbpm scheduler does not support this out of thebox. changing duedates is the only option you have.

          Most of the time, actions that have to be carried out at the end of a month are not specific for a processinstance, but more related to all processinstances of the same definition. Therefor it should be done outside engine, e.g. with Quartz

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            Jean-Louis Rastapoc Newbie


            Just for info :
            My action is launching multiple instances of another process configured by a xml file. So this action uses jBPM.

            My action is in a task-node and repeated until the manager validate his task from the console (the transition goes to end-node).
            It avoids intervention of an administrator for that (and to restart it too)... but maybe that's not really needed... I'll think about it.

            Because of these two choices I tought it should be more convenient to use jBPM to repeat my actions. Finally I don't really know :)

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              Ronald van Kuijk Master

              simple repeat actions are possible... e.g. resend a reminder every x (working) days etc... but not things like send a reminder every last day of the month.... if this is a serious requirement, please file a jira issue for this.