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    Stupid timezone problem...

    Jean-Louis Rastapoc Newbie


      I'm in GMT+1 on my system and the webconsole shows me GMT-1 hours : if I launch a process at 10, it displays that I start it at 8. When I schedule a task for the 15th of June the due date indicated in the console is the 14th of June 10:00PM... etc.

      If I change my system timezone to GMT-1 I got the same hours in my pc and in the console. If I change to GMT+4 I got 5 hours of difference... etc. So I think there is a timezone set to GMT-1 somewhere... but ... where?

      I searched in jBoss but it seems like it uses system time... I searched in jBPM and the webconsole but didn't find any clue...

      I feel kind of newbee now :/

      Do you know how to change that?