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    Newbie in jBPM deployment and integration

    James Lim Newbie

      I've read the forum and done the example in JbpmGettingStarted. I've created processes and successfully deployed to the jbpm-console.

      My problem is, I've an existing web app that runs on JBossAS 4.0.4GA. I wanted to change my current workflow engine to jBPM.

      Q1: What config file, jar or lib (From jBpm) that I need to copy into my current existing JBossAS folder?

      Q2: The auto-generated form in the editor produce .xhtml only. When i rename it to .jsp, during runtime, it hits errors. Can i use JSP?

      Q3: In each task, we add variables, how can we get the value of the variables on backend?

      Q4: How do we call the backend classes?

      Q5: (Stupid Ques.) Is jbpm-console.war, an example or it's a console for jbpm to configure the process?

      I've done a lot of reading and research, but i still couldn't get the way to integrate into my existing jbossAS. I'm a newbie in Jboss area, just have some experience in configuring the jbossAS, no others.

      Please help.. thank you very much.. Your help is very much appreciated!