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    Consider extending of ModuleInstance with end(), suspend() a

    Olga Ivanova Newbie

      Now it is not possible to get notification about process instance end, suspend or resume in module instance associated with the process instance. Sometimes it is required in order to perform additional logic in external modules.
      As an example we could look at JBPM built in module instance TaskMgmtInstance, which already get's notified about process instance end, suspend and resume using custom methods and additional logic in token class. (on process instance end removeSignalling(token) method gets called, on suspend/resume suspend(token)/resume(token) method is called)

      So as a solution end/suspend/resume methods of token might be changed and notification might be send to all registered module instances. We probably need per token notification, so that all possible requirements could be fullfilled i.e TaskMgmtInstance requires exactly per token notification, in our application we need only process wide notification.

      What do you think ?