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    oracle : varchar length limited to 255

    Adrian Dimulescu Newbie

      Use case : I have a string variable, containing an exception stacktrace formatted as a string. I want to put this variable into the execution context so that users can see it listed in the web console and understand why the process has failed.

      The stacktrace being big, I get a Hibernate exception. Verifying the length of my table varchar fields, I see the JBPM_VARIABLEINSTANCE.STRINGVALUE_ (where StringInstance variables store their values) is very limited (from the generated DDL):

      STRINGVALUE_ varchar2(255 char)

      Still, the StringInstance.hbm.xml correctly specifies :

      <property name="value" type="string" column="STRINGVALUE_" length="4000"/>

      4000 being the biggest varchar2 size on Oracle.

      So I don't understand why Hibernate does not respect the specified length of 4000 when generating DDL. All my varchar2 fields are limited to 255.

      Anybody has an idea?

      Thanks in advance.