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    Malicious timer :)

    Ivan Sevastyanov Newbie

      [JBOSS 4.2GA, JBPM 3.2.1]

      I got a same problem on JBPM 3.2GA with Timer
      (http://www.jboss.com/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=110744) and migrate to version 3.2.1.
      But it did not solve this problem.
      Besides, jbpm-console don't work at all! :)) and it have no errors in logs.
      (I already removed some *.jars from EAR as it mentioned in forum).

      I took following error:

      HTTP Status 404 - /jbpm-console/search/tasks.jsf
      type Status report
      message /jbpm-console/search/tasks.jsf
      description The requested resource (/jbpm-console/search/tasks.jsf) is not available.

      I am not understand what the matter whith my code...

      My timer does not work correctly as I seem...
      I depends how it is deployed?

      I have jbpm in EAR whith others ejbs. There is this section In my process-definition:

      <state name="validation passed">
       <timer name="testTimer"
       duedate="1 minute"
       repeat="10 seconds"
       <action name="act" class="com.rfc.jbpm.action.TestAction"/>
       <transition name="time-out" to="end"></transition>

      public class TestAction implements ActionHandler {
       public void execute(ExecutionContext ctx) throws Exception {
       System.out.println("com.rfc.jbpm.action.TestAction is executed!");

      The message "com.rfc.jbpm.action.TestAction is executed!"
      appear in log and console ONLY ONE time on leave node "validation passed". There no errors in the console and in the log files.
      Must this message appear every 10 second or I am not right?
      Where is errors in my code?

      Please sorry my English.