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    First Thought about BAM


      I will try in here to post some ideas about Business Activity Monitoring short-named as BAM and gather all the feedback from the community in order to be able to implement a BAM tool that can be incorporated to future versions of the jBPM Web Console

      Let's get started...

      The growing interest in Business Process Management (BPM) which made the understanding of relationships between business activities and real-time IT operations led into the emergence of Business Activity Monitoring.
      At the current state there is no standard definition of BAM. BAM can be used to identify the reflection of data to become usable information that can be used in businesses to:

      Monitor the overall and the fine-grained detailed performance of business operations.
      Identify bottlenecks, thresholds, failures and exceptions
      Track the execution of processes and distinguish between failures and accomplishments.

      BAM addresses the tasks identified above and addresses them in real-time mode by using the data and build out of them valuable information that can be addressed to optimize business operations.
      The main focus of BAM of the past few years has been solely based on building reports out of the data gathered in BPM tasks and this has been a rewarding approach to monitor the performance. However businesses understand that efficiency alone is not sufficient to survive the market, the aim is excellence to increase revenues and market shares.

      BAM is all about a vital monitoring and measurement of business activity across systems and business processes. The business process describes the different tasks required to fulfill the specified activity, business transactions are actual execution instances of processes, and process events relate to occurrences within the transactions such as a transaction completing a step or an error occurring. BAM is focused on these transactions and events, concentrating on a number of keywords I will be explaining at a later point in time.

      I'm waiting for everybody's feedback.