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    jBPM 3.2.1 jbpm-console with a different database

    Matthew Sandoz Newbie

      i started off trying to customize JBoss AS to use jbpm but after a lot of unsuccessful fiddling, i decided to minimize the variables in the installation and use the installation included in the jbpm-jpdl-3.2.1 bundle. the only change i wanted to make was to change the database.

      I've read the many wiki entries on switching databases with jbpm. i populated the database using the dbCreate class and that seemed to work fine using the sesamestreet.xml.

      i'm running

      run.bat -c jbpm
      from the server/bin directory in the installation.

      before i make my changes, users can log in using the included hypersonic database with the manager role etc. afterwards, all i get i security errors trying to even log in.

      here's my change set:

      1. deployed the postgres jdbc driver: postgresql-8.2-504.jdbc3.jar
      2. jbpm-ds: i modified as below:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
       <type-mapping>PostgreSQL 8.1</type-mapping>

      3. the jbpm-console.war in the deploy directory i exploded, modified the hibernate.cfg.xml as follows:

      <property name="hibernate.dialect">org.hibernate.dialect.PostgreSQLDialect</property>

      the hibernate file was already pointing to the right datasource - java:/JbpmDS so i didnt change it

      i then re-zipped it and redeployed it into the deploy directory.

      what i get when i try to log in is:

      Access to the specified resource (Access to the requested resource has been denied) has been forbidden. - a 403 error. and there are no exceptions in the server log.