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    jbpm-jpdl-designer-3.1.0.beta1 and seam page node

    Andrew Redhead Newbie


      I've started "tinkering" with Seam. One of the most interesting parts of Seam (for me) is the use of jBPM processes to control page-flow.

      In the seam manual there is a screenshot showing a process editor in eclipse that includes a "page" node (though not an email node etc).

      I've just installed the jpdl desinger 3.1.0.beta1 and there doesn't seem to be a page node, nor the option to create a process definition of type "page-flow".

      Anyone got any idea:

      1) where the seam pageflow eclipse plugin lives?

      2) if the standard jbpm process designer is going to include pageflows and page nodes?