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    Some questions on Process Instance.

    Jason Greiner Newbie

      I just wanted to make sure I am doing some things using the best practice. I think I am doing some things that are not just 100% correct and work coincidentally

      I have the process instance that I want to work with. What is the best method to get a Node so I can signal it? Also what is the best method to get a task so I can end it?

      My Logic I am using on Node is....

       ProcessInstance pi = jbpmContext.getProcessInstance(pid);
       Token token = pi.findToken("MyNode1");
       token.signal("Pass"); // transition

      My logic on a Task Node is...this is the one I think is not the best practice.

       ProcessInstance pi = jbpmContext.getProcessInstance(pid);
       Collection tis = pi.getTaskMgmtInstance().getTaskInstances();
       Iterator li = tis.iterator();
       while (li.hasNext())
       TaskInstance ti = (TaskInstance)li.next();
       if (ti.getEnd() == null)
       String ami = (String)ti.getVariable(ProcessVariables.ART_MASTER_ID);
       if (ami.equals(String.valueOf(artMasterId)))
       am = qm.retrieveArtMaster(artMasterId);