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      I am a newbie to jbpm,but i have spent a lot of time scanning the forums and online docs. However, I was unable to find what values are stored in JBPM_COMMENTS and JBPM_MODULEINSTANCE tables, ie, how and where are these comments coming from, and what do we mean by a module instance.
      thanks in advance :)

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          commment are made in e.g. the webconsole. Any comment a user wants to add.

          Moduleinstance is very low level. Only interesting if you want to develop jbpm (not with jbpm)

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            Many thanks for your reply, Ronald!!
            But i am still not clear about how a user adds comments to web-console. I think my version of web-console is not set up properly, since I could find no way to add comments from there. (I am using jbpm starters kit 3.1.3).
            In any case, my interest in the JBPM_COMMENTS table is that I want to store comments with some tasks in my workflow.(I am integrating jBPM into an existing spring application) I can use context.setVariable, but I was wondering whether this functionality is provided inherently by jBPM and there is a more direct method to accomplish this, please?
            Thanks again :)

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              oh oh... completely my fault. simply overlooked taskInstance.addComments() function :(
              thanks a lot Ronald!
              this solves my problem completely:)