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    JBPM and Connection Pooling

    Deepika Rashmi Newbie

      Hi All,

      In order to improve the performance of JBPM, we are planning to use DBCP for connection pooling so that we can specify a limit to the maximum number of available connections at any given time. However, I am not able to figure out as to how the properties from hibernate.cfg.xml will be read and connections will be created using the properties specified in hibernate.cfg.xml.

      What I could find out so far is that ConnectionProviderFactory of hibernate class is used to read the properties specified. But how JBPM reads and uses these properties is still a question for me.

      Any help in this regard would be og great help to me.

      Looking forward for your immediate replies.

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          Fady Matar Novice

          Your question is related to hibernate directly and has nothing to do with jBPM.

          However to configure the DBCP connection pooling you need to specify the following properties in hibernate.cfg.xml

           <!-- DBCP connection pooling options -->
           <property name="hibernate.dbcp.maxWait">3000</property>
           <property name="hibernate.dbcp.maxIdle">100</property>
           <property name="hibernate.dbcp.maxActive">10</property>
           <property name="hibernate.dbcp.autoReconnectForPool">true</property>
           <property name="hibernate.dbcp.autoReconnect">true</property>

          Consult the documentation of DBCP, I remember it was pretty well documented when I used it a while ago