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    building jpdl designer plugin from source - again

    Tom Mor Newbie

      i search for help trough forum but i cant find clear answer, so i decided to make another topic, sorry for that, i am desperate!

      i just want to build plugin jar file from source, it's all i want, thing is simple, i have to make some language localization in plugin, which i want to expand in my project, so to do that i have to compile entire plugin cause there are labels hidden in java code, and that where problems become...

      i suppose there is no easy way to do this, because running build.xml with ant in org.jbpm.gp.jdpl.build or just in root build folder dont work, if it is necessary i will paste debug log, but first of all i would like to ask some experts about step by step or just really easy way to made it - to build jbpl plugin jar to deploying it in eclipse workspace and have fun, please