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    Jboss Bpel possibilities

    Arutha Belron Newbie

      Good evening,
      I'll cut through the chase, I'm doing some research into Jboss jBPM Bpel and had a few questions. For some of them I could not directly find an answer.
      They are the following:

      Is it possible to send data through the ESB-bus in a different format than XML? (I ask this, because the message might go past multiple services before arriving at the final destination, and might undergo some modification under way. To constantly parse it from XML might be an expensive job(?))

      Is it possible to generate front-end webpages by specifying the process in jBPM Bpel ?

      Is it possible to redeploy a newer version of a BPEL service, without undeploying the old one ? (so as not to bring the service offline)

      Is it possible to transfer a process running in an old BPEL service to a newer version of the BPEL service ? (For example, when a the flow of a BPEL process takes more than a day, and in that time a newer version of the process comes along for deployment)

      I'm sorry if the questions lack a bit more clarity. If so, please point this out. Thanks again.