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    Oracle9i, JTA, XA-DataSources

    mailinator Novice


      is there something i should know about the JBPM Ear and an Oracle Database ?

      I have seen on the web that we should use xa-datasources instead of local-tx-datasources ?

      The fact is that i have a process definition, i deploy it on the database with the eclipse plugin but when trying to access it with code :

      JbpmConfiguration jbpmConfiguration=JbpmConfiguration.getInstance();
      JbpmContext jbpmContext = jbpmConfiguration.createJbpmContext();
      try {
      String processName = "Acces";
      ProcessInstance processInstance = jbpmContext.newProcessInstance(processName);
      } finally {
      I have hibernate-JTA exception.

      If someone have already run on those issues, please help.

      I think there is some misconfiguration on my part.

      If someone could explain step by step how to configure oracle9i datasources and transaction manager to get jbpm running, it will be greatly appreciated.



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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          didn't you already post this question in another topic with a LOT more info. reposting with very little additional info will not help getting you an answer any quicker. Could even be the opposite that people get irritated and just ignore the posts.

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            mailinator Novice


            not really the same question.

            In fact the other post is based on the exception.
            This one is more general, not exception focused.
            While searching for data about the other post, i found out that there were lots of implications behind the use of persistence in jbpm.

            im beginning to wonder about that transaction manager not running and the use of hibernate.cfg.xml.

            Personnaly i put that file in the jbpm-configs.jar in the ear but apparently it is not found.

            What do you think about it ?